The Ten Wings

Speculative fiction by Christopher Byford

Amazon Best Selling Author

Christopher Byford

Christopher Byford was born in 1980 in Wellingborough, England. He learnt to walk whilst holding onto a Golden Retriever and fondly remembers the days of BMX bikes and conker matches. He left college to suffer as an IT Manager for a small multinational before, in his words, escaping to Gloucester. After working for some large tech companies he seized the opportunity to become a full time author. It was the best thing he has ever done.

In the last few years Chris has penned various tales, Den of Shadows being his most prominent. The series itself was picked up by HQ Digital, an imprint of HarperCollins, for publishing. It became an Amazon bestseller.

Away from literary things, his interests include all things VW Campervans, gardening, photography, astronomy and chicken keeping.

He finds talking about himself in the third person rather pedantic and could murder a cold pint of cider right about now.

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Den of Shadows

When the Gambler’s Den show train pulls in to a station, it gives people the time of their lives. However, behind the scenes, its owner Franco Del Monaire is struggling. To cover costs he gives passage to a thief, much to the ire of the showgirls on board. When the law comes calling, someone will be in posession of a secret which will endanger them all.

Den of Stars

Disaster is another word for opportunity and when the Gambler’s Den is out of action, a copycat called the Morning Star begins to make itself known. Ran by an enigmatic masked woman known only as the Hare, she is willing to sacrifice everything – and everyone around her – for her own agenda…

Den of Smoke

Everybody owes somebody and small time crook Jackdaw is no different. Indebted to a criminal who would rather put him in an unmarked grave, he and his gang, the Jackrabbits, must perform the heist of a lifetime if they’re to see tomorrow. Luckily, Jackdaw is owed a favour by those aboard the travelling show.

Den of Shadows Collection

Collated togther, follow the Amazon best-selling adventure of a lifetime from the first dramatic show to its explosive climax. Also included is a bonus short story casting light upon Jackdaw’s murky past and the deal he made that would damn his future.

Luck and Other Deadly Things

A good show deserves an encore. Available for free, explore this collection of deleted scenes, expanded chapters and other gems to delve deeper into the dark and tantalising series.

Title to be revealed

The walled city of Obellium is in turmoil. Its streets are stalked by a serial killer dubbed the Gaslight Terror, who preys upon the poor and the sinful. A chance encounter with a young vagrant will reveal that things aren’t quite as they seem – and the real cause of the murders is worse than what the papers report. Forming an uneasy alliance, together they must uncover a terrifying conspiracy that will rock Obellium to its very core.

The Yellow Rebellion

A tribal leader, a vessel for a worshipped Spirit, spearheads a rebellion to repel the advancing Cruden empire. As banners turn yellow in support, the empire turns to mercinaries, demanding that she be retrieved nomatter the cost. When Umbra attempts to secure the job, he’s captured and given an ultimatum: serve the rebellion or hang by the noose…