A noir spin on little red riding hood


To Hood, family is everything.

Raised in the darkness, she is the product of a city of sin. She and others like her, orphans of a city ruled by corruption and criminal gangs, have trained their whole lives preparing to fight back. The world is a mess, they are told, and it cannot be allowed decay much longer. The family are ready to take on the jobs that they’re given, without question, without compromise, to ensure the end goal is met.

To change the world, the family is told that the worst of the gangs, the Wolves, must be declawed. Finances must be emptied, grips on people loosened, corruption brought to fairness. The world is overdue to be brought to balance and Hood, and her kind, are its heralds. The sinful just don’t know it yet. 

The first opportunity presents itself when three individuals within the Wolves embezzle eight million dollars. The family can offer amnesty from any repercussions, but as Hood tracks down the culprits, the Wolves are keen to ensure that traitors must be taught the harshest of lessons.