The war for the region begins

Children of Herald

Redemption is in the blood.

Demonised by the tyrannical Cruden empire, Mana is the figurehead of a tribe who follow the old ways, worshipping a deity that is entwined within her being. Its power fuels the grand yellow rebellion, uniting other nations beneath its banners to repel the empire’s advance. Yet Mana only knows what it is like to be servant to her people and a vessel to a violent creature, her own desires cast aside.

Disillusioned, Umbra travelled through the Sand Sea to find his calling as a mercenary with the Cruden empire. His latest job? To kidnap the troublesome tribal leader, helping to end the rebellion for good. When the attempt goes wrong, Umbra finds himself overpowered and facing the gallows. He’s given a choice: face his death with pride, or serve as a sentry to Mana herself. Umbra reluctantly agrees but he himself is being hunted by someone who won’t let him forget old debts.

As the empire advances, Qwüiff’s performance is rewarded with a promotion to its General. His first task is to hunt down the tribe behind the rebellion and eradicate it for good. Caught in a continuous power struggle between the empire’s leaders, he finds himself as a pawn for political games, powerless, apart from when he takes his fury to the battlefield.

Release date to be confirmed.